Death Perception

Reflections of the "Grim Milestone"

I read this POST at Speed of Thought and decided to put my two cents in on the MSM and Moonbat fascination and celebration of the "Grim Milestone". For those of you who live under the bridge, it represents the 2000th combat death in Iraq. To those on the anti-American left, it is the defining moment in which a clenched fist is raised and we are to acknowledge the error in our ways. The turning point that justifies a withdrawal from Iraq and a cessation in our imperialistic adventure. No more blood-for-oil.

I want to preface the rest of this post by stating the loss of 2000 of America's best and brightest is as great a lost to this generation as all other warriors that have made the sacrifice for this great nation in the past. I mourn their loss and pray for their families

I tried to understand why the anti-American war protestors and their cohorts are so fascinated by the number of war dead and point to this satistic as evidence of a cause that is too expensive. I came to realize that the majority of these people have no Death Perception. In other words no sense of history either American or world for that matter.

American schools no longer teach the history of sacrifice and the tremendous cost of freedom. Our children are taught that America is an imperialistic monster that imposes our will on weaker nations. No war is justified and especially ones that Americans are involved in. It is most unfortunate that the historical perspective is lost in a politically correct revision of America's history.

The Revolutionary War was fought from 1775-1783, with over 25,000 Americans losing their lives. When General Bendict Arnold's army marched to Quebec the Americans lost up to 50 men a day to small pox and related battlefield illnesses. The suffering and privations experienced by the Continental Army during the war rivaled Napoleon's worst nightmares during the retreat from Russia. The Americans lost far more battles than they won, but never gave up.

Our schools do not teach about the two World Wars that America did not start but finished at the cost 525,000 lives. Many do not know how many lives were saved when General Blackjack Pershing refused to throw American lives away by the millions despite the pleading of the French and English. Indivdual battle losses like 13,000 on Okinawa, 6,800 on Iwo Jima, and 2000 on D-Day. What would these people say today when the losses after D-Day averaged 1400 killed per week for the next six weeks?

The Vietnam War brought war protesting to a level never seen before is our History. There has always been protests, some very violent, like the anti-draft riots in New York during the American Civil War. Many of these protestors are teaching our children today. They are reliving the "Good Old Days" of their past anti-war activities with a renewed zeal. The current generation has no concept of past contributions of American military intervention around the world. Our expenditure of blood and treasure before, during, and after major conflicts has been enormous. The fact that we remain the worlds last superpower speaks volumes to the will and intestinal fortitude we as a people possess.

One major difference we have encountered during the Iraq war is the MSM in this country is no longer on our side. They have chosen politics over country and headlines over the safety of our troops. For many of us the "Grim Milestone" represents something very different. The young men and women who have paid the ultimate price of freedom with their lives are the last in a series of heroes that preceded them in our history. They understood the risk, they knew the cost, and paid without hesitation. All the dissention, whining and complaining does not come from their ranks.

American Soldiers have very good death perception. They are why we live in the greatest nation on the earth.