High Noon

Well Pards, I am off to Elk Springs, New Mexico. It seems my correspondence with the Forest Death squad has struck a nerve with the Druids of Destruction Central Command. I have a meeting with this Firebug. Because of possible upcoming litigation I would never call him and his minions Domestic Terrorists. THAT would be over the top.

This is what is left of Bull Fire. It states that this was done for Resource Benefit. 70% of the mountain was COMPLETELY DESTROYED. For my benefit I guess.

Commanders of the army of hellfire and conflagration will be there in force to convince the landowners that the moonscape is actually more attractive then Ponderosa pines and hundred year old Oak trees.

Anyway I won't be posting for awhile or if they do not have internet access in the county lockup it could be a very long time. I promised Mrs. Dinosaur I would not pack heat to the meeting...(matches of course)

The Government just doing "What is best for me."