Negligent Discharge

I read this on FARK today. Although it took place in India I think this idiotic article could have been written anywhere in this country as well. The title should have been the first clue. I will put the correct phrases in parenthesis as needed.

Man shoots self while playing a prank on wife

(Suicidal Jackass Kills Himself)

30-year-old Pathak was drunk at the time, say police

Mumbai, June 4: When Amit Pathak, 30, unloaded (partially) his 0.32 licenced revolver late on Sunday night to play a prank (scare the shit out of) on his wife, little did he know ( he had a pretty good idea) that it would cost him his life. Pathak, an estate agent and a resident of Dahisar, shot himself dead at around 11 pm on Sunday. According to police, Pathak just wanted to play a(sick and demented) prank on his wife Nitu.

He had unloaded four bullets from his revolver but one accidentally (negligently)remained inside. He put the pistol on his forehead and pressed (pulled) the trigger, not once but thrice. There was a bullet in the third case (cylinder)which killed Pathak, said Senior Police Inspector RR Thakur.

Pathak, who lived with his two elder brothers and parents, came back home from work at around 6 pm on Sunday. At around 8 pm he opened a bottle of whisky (liquid stupidity) and called his wife and childrenSphurti, 7 and Aaryan, 3, in the room. At around 11 pm, while he was still drinking, he sent his children to the dining room, while his wife stayed back. According to the police, he took out the revolver from his cupboard. He then asked Nitu some personal questions and told her that if she does not answer them in positive, he would shoot himself.

Nitu was very scared (respectful) of weapons and Amit enjoyed this. However, this time luck was not on his side,(Stupidity was) said a relative of Pathak. After he shot himself, his brothersArun and Ajay rushed him to a hospital where he was declared brought () dead.

Pathak was not trained (intelligent enough) to handle the weapon. Even his father Ramavtar and brothers have gun licences, said a police officer. While Pathaks wife is admitted to a hospital, Dahisar police have registered a case of accidental death. (Suicide by Drunken Depraved Bastard)

I am sorry for his widow and children, I am sure they are in a better place without this abusive and dangerous individual. Then again maybe she just did not give him the answers he was looking for. One can only hope.